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Super Fine Powder

Super Fine powder

Talc Or Talcum Is A Composed Of Hydrated Magnesium Silicate With Chemical Formula Mg3si4010(Oh)2 Comes From Southern Eastern Desert In Egypt With A Structure Of Metavolcanic Shaped In The Form Of Irregular Masses.
Talc Or Talcum Is Considered The Softest Mineral On Earth.
Alpha Stone Is Producing Round 3,000 Mt Per Month Of Talc Of Different Grades To Suites Many Industries Which Can Be Used As A Filler For (Paint, Ceramics, Paper, Rubber Plastics, Detergents, Roofing, Etc…) And As A Carrier For (Insecticides & Fungicides).
Alpha Stone Is Using The Most Advanced Rolling Mills German Tech Brought By Alpine, Hosokawa.
Alpha Stone Talc Is High In Whiteness And Free From Asbestos And Heavy Metals Processed With Strict Quality Controls For Delivering The Best & Superior Products.

D98 (Top Cut)
D50 (Median)
Technical Datashet
10+/-0.5 Micron
3+/-0.2 Micron
12+/-0.5 Micron
3.5+/-0.2 Micron
15+/-1 Micron
4+/-0.2 Micron
20+/-1 Micron
4.2+/-0.2 Micron
24+/-1 Micron
4.5+/-0.2 Micron
30+/-1 Micron
5.5+/-0.5 Micron
40+/-2 Micron
8.5+/-0.5 Micron

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