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Coated Calcium Carbonate Powder

Coated treated calcium carbonate powder

Alpha Stone Coated Calcium Carbonate Is Produced By Surface CoatingThe Regular Calcium Carbonate Slurry With Stearic Acid.
The Particle Size, As Well As The Crystal Form, Is Controlled By Temperature Concentration Of Reactants And Time.
Alpha Stone Coated Calcium Carbonate Caco3 Is A Fine Powder With Good Dispersion Properties, It Is Manufactured From A High Purity White Limestone.
Alpha Stone Is Producing Round 7,000 Mt From Coated Calcium Carbonate Grades Which Used As A Filler For Many Industries Such As Emulsion Paint, Plastics, Pipes Masterbatch, Injection Molding, Calendared Sheets, Films, Rubber, Etc …).
Alpha Stone Coated Calcium Carbonate Is Currently Exported To More Than 25 Countries All Over The World.

D98 (Top Cut)
D50 (Median)
Technical Datashet
8.5+/-0.5 Micron
2+/-0.2 Micron
10.5+/-0.5 Micron
2.6+/-0.2 Micron
12+/-1 Micron
2.8+/-0.2 Micron
15+/-1 Micron
4+/-0.2 Micron
20+/-1 Micron
4.75+/-0.25 Micron
24+/-1 Micron
5.5+/-0.5 Micron

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