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The calcium carbonate is one of materials are frequently found in nature, but there is a variation of the purity According to its geographic location from city to other, city of  Samalout in Minya has the purest calcium carbonate in the world.

We are very care in Alphastone to provides our clients with the purest products in the world so we take our stone pits & built our factory in city of  Samalout in Minya, that was famous in the purest calcium carbonate in the world, We are also care to present pure and high quality product to be suitable for all needs & requirements of all factories in the worldwide.

According to a variation of needs & requirements to our clients we are very care in packing to be suitable for all whether its sac paper or plastic weight 25 kg or 1 ton.

Our history in stone pits over 80 years, Some of our famous products raw phosphate (28% – 30%) and Talc etc.  and other products.

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